Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Have a Complaint: Vintage Clothing

Why is it that a large majority of vintage clothing I find on the interwebs come in XS or S?  Where are the larger sizes?  Mediums, hello??  Like this fabulous coat (found on Etsy from seller Lucky Vintage):
It's a XS/S.  This makes me quite sad because I love it.  :o(  haha

But seriously, were tiny people in the past just nicer to their clothing so that is all that lives on now?


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  2. I have generally found that, when I find a cache of vintage "plus-size" clothing, it's poorly made crap. The kind of pieces that just aren't special. The largest size in which I've seen kind of special pieces are vintage size 12, which is like an 8. I see plenty of 14s and 16s that are hideous box-shaped things. Something else to consider about why the very tiny sizes may have held up better is that they were smaller (i.e., fit teenagers) so people didn't stay that size as long.

    1. I think of it this way: normal sized things have already been destroyed by normal sized people. The xsmalls survive because not as many people can fit in them & party them out! its a terrible vintage truth:( because really, what medium wouldnt have already worn that amazing coat to death? I know this medium would happily do so:)